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Bible Stock Illustrations

Largest selection of original Biblical stock illustrations



Bible Stock Illustrations

Not found anywhere else, the unique illustrations on this website depict archaeological reconstructions of biblical sites in Israel and beyond, and a wide array of Bible themes. The site offers both New Testament illustrations and Old Testament illustrations. The go-to resource for publishers, the ever-growing collection of biblical images reflect scholarly consensus of our understanding of life in the biblical period as history. Using biblical art that is research based and rooted in reality makes the lesson come alive to students in Sunday school, Hebrew school, Bible college and for lectures. Archaeology Illustrated offers ministers and teachers interested in biblical archaeology a high impact visual aid to augment lessons and embellish handouts.

Presented as Bible stock art, each image is created relying on archaeological research and the art history of the ancient Near East in order to represent all the details accurately according to the biblical period and location, including ancient Egypt, Babylon, Israel, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Greece and Rome. Each illustration is annotated with quotes from Scripture and other literary sources as well as a description of the image.

Archaeology Illustrated users can commission new archaeological illustrations or purchase existing illustrations and prints from an impressive selection of scenes. Archaeology Illustrated will keep the site stocked with new illustrations and biblical images for download.

Biblical Images

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Images of the biblical world

"With a combination of intensive archaeological investigation, scriptural and ancient text research, and a measured dose of interpretive insight, it is possible to recreate (Biblical) settings with a startling degree of accuracy. Hungarian-born painter, illustrator and pictorial historian, Balage Balogh, renowned as the finest archaeological illustrator"* to have worked with Israeli and American scholars, brings the ancient world to life.* Discovery Channel