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Persepolis Apadana Hall in the Palace of Darius the Great, 5th century BC

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The Apadana Hall, or Royal Audience Hall, was the largest structure at Persepolis and it was built as a standard feature of Achaemenid royal architecture, one was excavated at Susa as well. Here the Persian king received representatives from his far flung domains to pay their annual tribute and bring gifts to the king on the occasion of the Persian New Year during the Spring Equinox. Several of the columns remain standing in the Persepolis Apadana, of which 72 once stood holding up the immense roof structure hovering 70 feet in the air. Monolithic columns with gilded, ornamental double bull capitals held up the massive roof of cedar beams and ceiling panels that were probably stained a burgundy tone as well as the floor for which evidence has been found in the Harem building. Bricks glazed with blue-green, ochre and white patterns were likely to line the walls that were punctuated with huge stone door and window frames. This reconstruction is based on photographs taken in the Apadana at Persepolis and publications by the University of Chicago that financed excavations there in the 1930s. The view point is that of the Persian king enthroned against a wall facing the tributaries entering through two doorways opposite.


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