Illustrations of Archaeology of the Ancient World

Video by Eli Golding
Eli Golding is a visual arts student at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, focusing in film studies.

  • Nobody has seen Biblical places and Biblical events depicted like this before.
  • Reputed to be exacting in both content and execution, the archaeological art of Balage Balogh has traveled the wide world from museums to video documentaries.
  • This site displays a constantly growing collection of illustrations. These images of the ancient eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East are unique archaeological reconstructions related to the architecture of Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Biblical Israel, the ancient Greek and Roman world. Relying on sound research using academic and scholarly publications found in the nearby and excellent Johns Hopkins University library, I study and read about every archaeological site and ancient building before I attempt to create an image of it in order to provide the most accurate reconstruction of these Biblical cities and events, thus contributing in a unique way to the field of Biblical Archaeology. I am committed to bringing you the reality of the ancient world not fantastical recreations like many other image sources. For the creation of each Bible illustration detailed archaeological excavation plans are examined, archaeologists in charge of the excavations are consulted when possible, landscape features from photos and Google Earth are referenced and art historical treasures from the world’s museums are researched for accuracy. My reconstructions of ancient Greek cities and ancient Roman cities are up-to-date interpretations of current academic knowledge of them.
  • Commission new archaeological illustrations or Bible illustrations to create impact in your publications.
  • Over 550 images for instant download
  • Prints of Biblical images are available for purchase.


  • The House of the Bronzes: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Herod’s Winter Palace at Jericho: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • The Birth of Christianity: Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Dead Sea Scrolls: The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada 2010
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times, Discovery Times Square Exposition, New York City, 2011
  • The Final Journey of Herod the Great: Israel Museum 2013
  • Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance 2013
  • The Museum of the Bible, Washington DC, 2019

Television Documentaries

  • Discover Channel: The World of Jesus
  • Productions Pixcom, Montreal: Trashopolis
  • Pioneer Productions, London: The Bible, A History
  • Lion TV, London: River Flows West
  • Grayscale Productions: Great Empires of the Past
  • Red Hot History Inc.: Secret Life of Alexander the Great


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